GrindGrind Spotlight:

Written by Dereka Bennett 


Dallas Cowboys’ Conerback Jourdan Lewis Talks About His Grind & How He Can Relate To GRINDGRIND’s Vision


To the Dallas Cowboys’ Cornerback, Jourdan Lewis, GGrind means to be patient and to zone in on your craft.


“If you hear Eddie Kidd’s story, if you hear my story, it’s about GGrind, it’s about having a vision, it’s about fighting to be successful,” says Lewis.


Back in 2017 Lewis entered into the NFL draft while juggling a domestic violence accusation against him by his former girlfriend, which ultimately dropped him to the third round in the draft. After being chosen by Dallas with the 92nd overall pick, he was acquitted of the charges and proceeded with his NFL career.


“That court case set me back mentally... the case made me miss time in training camp, so I couldn’t get myself right. When I was later found to be not guilty I returned to camp and they put me straight in pads. I went out there and tore my hamstring the second week of the season...I wasn’t prepared.”


After a bad start to his rookie season, fast forward a year later to today, Jourdan is now a starter for the team on the outside and fourth on the depth chart. 


“My main goal when I got in the NFL was to just play. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there,” Lewis says. 


According to Jourdan, it takes a lot of GGrinding, learning, patience and improvement become a starter for the Cowboys.


“I get up at 7am, go to practice, watch film, and the go home and watch more film on my own,” says Lewis in regards to his daily GGrind. “You got to study...You can’t just be an athlete out there, you got to understand what you’re doing out there and understand your opponent, your team and your play book.”


For those aspiring to take the path of becoming a professional athlete, Jourdan has a few things to advise:


“If you really serious about being a pro-athlete or anything in life, give 100% , don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it. Go full fledge in it, do your research, work hard, work on your craft and understand it won’t come easy,” he says. “It may not come the first or second time and you’re going to face some adversity but you have toGGrind. My story was a GGrind, Eddie’s story was a GGrind, nothing comes easy in this life.”