Iowa State University’s Graduate Assistant Coach, DeJuan “Troub” Rogers Shares How He Grinds To Be A Good Leader and Role Model To The Cyclones. 

Written by Dereka Bennett



From Toledo University’s 2015 defensive back and No. 2 strong safety to becoming an assistant coach for Iowa State University, DeJuan “Troub” Rogers says he had to redirect his mind and GGrind in order be a leader and coach of a college football team.


“You have to be a good role model, you can’t coach and hold the kids to a certain standard that you don't hold yourself to and honestly you really have to hold yourself above the standard set for them,” says Troub. “I represent a team a university with thousands of alumni.”


The graduate assistant coach says that his daily GGrind consists of long days and a lot of restless hours.


“My daily routine is getting to the office about 6:30am. I have meetings at 7am until about 8:30am and from there I go get breakfast. After breakfast, go to defensive staff meeting where we game plan from about 9am-12pm,” he says. “I take an hour lunch then we script practice and start our team meeting about 2:20pm. After meetings we are on the field by 3:40pm. After practice I take a shower, grab dinner, and go over practice with the staff until 9 or 9:30pm.”


Troub explains that he takes the same approach to coaching as he did when playing football— putting in a lot of time and effort into it. And the progress is obvious. Iowa State started off the season 1-3, but with a little time and some GGrinding, the team is now 6-3 and ranked No. 16 in the country with a chance to play in the Big12 conference championship, along with a No. 1 ranking in defense within their conference.


When asked how would he define GGrind, Troub said that it’s a lifestyle and it promotes two of the most important things in life in the terms of being happy and successful. 


“Chasing your dreams and working hard to pursue them, as long as you chase your dreams you will always be happy because you are pursuing something of your choice. As long as you are GGrinding for it you will always be happy with the outcome simply because you have done everything in your power to conquer what you have set out to do,” he says. 


Troub also mentioned that GGrinding for an achievement or a goal makes things that much more important to an individual because  that person is investing the most valuable thing you have; time.


“GRIND GRIND is a brand that is important to me because it promotes a way of life, ‘grinding.’ I support it because it something positive coming out the city of Detroit.”