What Does A Potential Anthony Davis Trade Mean for the NBA

By: Lonnie Orr Jr.



As we’ve read in the recent news, Anthony Davis has asked for a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans. Most think that he will either end up in Lakers uniform or potentially in a Celtics if the Pelicans wait until July 1st. Nevertheless, there will be a big shake up coming in the NBA. The real question is what does this move mean for the NBA? First, we know it’ll be a new alignment of the stars in the NBA. No matter where A.D. lands there will be a powershift. Anthony Davis is superstar that gets the job done on both ends, with him paired with any other superstar they’ll have the components to make a run in the playoffs. Any team that makes a move for Davis will have to be careful that they don’t give up too much if they are looking to be competitive this year. For those teams that are not looking to be competitive this year, they will have to have lottery pick in the package and they run the risk of Davis leaving after his contract is up. For New Orleans, this move puts them right back where they stared when they traded Chris Paul to the Clippers. They’ll have a lot young talent but more than likely they’ll end up being a lottery team in search of a new star. Then for veterans like JrueHoliday, who stated that Davis was “90 percent of the reason why he stayed”, does that mean he will get moved too?


Recently we have seen a multitude of players looking for new situations based on either playing time, losing, or disagreements within the front office on how they are being used. This is the “new” day we live in when it comes to the NBA. As a person from the outside looking in, can you really blame these players? Fans don’t like to see their stars go away, the media typically bashes these players for going to play with other stars, and former players try to compare their era to today’s. The problem is, we don’t truly know what’s going on unless we hear it from the horse’s mouth. NBA stars these days are not trying to waste their prime hitting a dead end. With what the Golden State Warriors have put together, they’ll be able to compete for years to come. So why stay with a franchise that isn’t making enough moves to try to be competitive against those guys? Therefore, we continue to see stars moving along to be in “better” situations. We seen this a couple of years ago with Paul George, and now we’re seeing this all over again with Anthony Davis. Some people tend to label these requests as “soft” or that guys don’t have “heart”. How long should a person have to wait on a team to be competitive or in the running for an NBA championship? How many times does a team have to miss the playoffs before they make a power move? I know it’s easier said than done, but at the same team these superstars don’t want to waste their time. This shows that money isn’t everything and some guys want genuinely win and win right now.