No. 53 & Defensive Linemen for Notre Dame, Khalid Kareem Shares his Definition of GGrinding: “It all starts with having that mindset that nobody can stop you”


From Notre Dame, Khalid Kareem, a definsive linemen standing at 6’4 and 265 pounds, says that it took a certain type of mindset and GGrind to earn the reputation at as one of the top defensive linemen selected by the University.


“It all starts with having that mindset that nobody can stop you, it's really something one of my coaches in high school (Harrison) told me while I was there.“


Kareem says he began to put in work day in and day out to earn that title, and continued to put in the extra work to ensure that he’s always outworking his opponents.


“What GGrind means to me is chasing your dreams in whatever you do, it doesn’t even have to be sports, but always working to be the best,” says Kareem. 


As his personal GGrind, Khalid wakes up at about 7 am, goes to class from 8 am until 1:45 pm. After class, eat then get tapped and ready for meetings. “During meetings, we study our opponents and lock in on the game plan for that week. After the meeting we go to practice for about an hour and a half,” he says.

Following practice, he works with one of his coaches for about 10-15 mins to home in on my skills, then he study for about 2 hours and  watch film from practice and of his upcoming opponents after.


Khalid’s GGrind is like no other. His began to leave his mark on the field starting his sophomore year where he appeared in all 13 games. The player helped a Notre Dame defense that improved by at least 20 spots in the FBS rankings in third down conversion percentage, interceptions, rushing defense, scoring defense, passing efficiency defense, sacks, tackles for loss and turnovers gained. Fast forwarding to his junior season, he was named Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week after the win over No. 14 Michigan this season.


And how did he achieve this? He put in extra work. “I really never went into any game trying to win awards, I just prepare myself the same way for each opponent,” he says. “That means watching extra film, putting in extra work after practice, and lastly just executing our defense to the best of my ability.“


Similar to Kareem, GRIND GRIND upholds that same train of thought. This brand goes the extra mile to succeed and bring people motivation. 


“I support GRIND GRIND because I believe in the message and what they stand for. Also I support those who support me,” he says. “My advice to anyone in high school with ambitions of playing college football on any level is to remain humble with any amount of success, do not let it get to your head and take you off of your path.”