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GrindGrind Clothing is a Detroit-based athletic apparel company that was established in 2014. The mantra GrindGrind was created from the idea ‘to grind’. Grinding is to perform repetitive actions over and over in order to attain a goal. GrindGrind uses the word twice to imply that those actions will be used twice as much in order to achieve success. The goal of the clothing line is to spread the motivating message that will encourage anyone to grind while chasing your dreams. GrindGrind is to let individuals know that no matter your race, background, circumstance that you can attain anything as long as you are on your #GrindGrind. Follow us on Instagram (@grindgrindclothing)

Eddie Kidd


Eddie was raised in Metro-Detroit. He values family and had to alter some of his plans to better support them. He used his negative situation as motivation to be a positive influence in his community. GrindGrind began as a catchphrase for Eddie and his friends. It served as a reminder to work twice as hard to reach your goals. It quickly evolved into a life mantra. It developed into an athletic ‘inspirational life brand’ apparel business.