October 11, 2017

Faith-the substance if things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.

Genesis 12:2-3

You can't do anything with out God
God confused them bc they tried to live without God.
Abraham father of the multitude
Abram exalted father
They were in a dark society
In the midst of idolatry God used Abraham

Whenever you bless someone who is blessed, God will bless you.

People that curse you, will be cursed.
You don't have to get even
Then all people on earth will be blessed through you.

Life of Abraham teaches us
Never get to a place where you allow the devil to depreciate what you can do with Christ
Abraham seemed unfit but God used him

God doesn't take account your background
God said "I will" 7 times
God's promises don't come without commandment

Abraham had to leave first
You have to leave things that leave you a sense of security as well
You have to leave some people and habits and destructive behavior
Following God he's not going to only use you but control you.
You can't have new birth without new life
Some things in your life should be different

2 Corinthians 5:17**
How can you say you're born again but you live the same way?
You have to separate yourself from some things from God
This will bring you closer to God

Hebrews 5:11
Abraham went out when he didn't know where he was going
God is trying to get you to live by faith not by site.

Faith is a response to God
How are you responding
Faith comes by hearing the word of God
The more word I get, the more faith I get
Acting on what you know about God
Faith don't always begin with you
But with a vision and revelation
How you know you have faith is how you respond to it.

Start walking in the direction God is leading you
Faith acts when you don't know the outcome
Operate on what God told you to do stop operating on your own
He partially obeys god bc he took his family when God told him to leave them
You have to be willing to let people go!
He stayed til his father died
Family obedience don't truimph God's obedience
If you love God right you'll be able to love everyone else right
If you want to get to the promise you can't partially obey God
You will get what he want you to have but not the way he want you to have it, if you don't obey.
You could have it the way you wanted it if you were fully obedient
Any time you have faith but your faith hasn't been trusted, God can't trust it!

How do you react and respond to God when things aren't favorable?
1 peter 1:6
Whatever you're going through is only for a little while
If you have faith it'll be out under fire. You'll have sufferings and trials
Faith is your response to what you know God has said to you

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